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Virtual Hike for Treadmill through Devil's Kitchen at Colorado National Monument

Colorado National Monument is located in the Western Region of Colorado near Grand Junction. Most of the landscape is a mixture of Utah goodness, such as canyons and desert views. We will take you with us through the devil's kitchen in this hike—one of the popular hikes in the Colorado National Monument. The hike itself is considered easy to moderate, depending on which route you take. Part of the Devil's Kitchen adventure is an optional "lemon squeezers" section where you have to squeeze in to get through a narrow trail, and some areas are literally just the crack of a big rock. 

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Virtual Hike for Treadmill through Rifle Mountain Park Ice Caves in Colorado [4K Real Hike Video w/ Nature Sounds]

Virtual hikes, especially those with nature sounds, are a must when you can't go outside or go to the sought-after hiking trails. This virtual hiking trail has virtual scenery in the ice caves at Rifle Mountain Park in Rifle, Colorado. These ice caves only appear at a particular time of the year with the right conditions. These are our real hike video, and we hope to share this experience with you by joining us virtually. When your time is limited, and you can only access your treadmill at the moment, stress not, simulating that trail by watching these virtual hikes has almost the same effect as hiking for real. Let's admit it while going outdoors is the goal; we highly recommend you do that...

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