The most enjoyable way to hike Mt. Sneffels via Blue Lakes Trailhead - Colorado 14er

Mount Sneffels is one of the scenic Colorado 14ers. There are a couple of routes you can take: Yankee Boy Basin and Blue Lakes Trailhead.


This is neither the easiest nor a beginner route, but I've heard people hiking it as their first Colorado fourteener. This was our 2nd 14er in Colorado and 3rd overall. Mt. Whitney in California being our second.


In this video, we made a 3 DAY weekend backpacking trip.


Day 1: We started at Blue Lakes Trailhead in Ridgway, Colorado and camped at Lower Blue Lake.


Day 2: We hiked up Mount Sneffels via Southwest Ridge( CLASS 3) and went down the east side.


Wrapped up the hike by staying another night at Lower Blue Lakes with a hot meal while enjoying the sunset at the Blue Lakes.


Day 3: Hiked back to Blue Lakes Trailhead, where we parked our car and enjoyed a picnic in the town of Ridgway.


This route and itinerary allowed us to enjoy the Blue Lakes and the beauty of Mt. Sneffels area in the San Juan Mountains without rushing to finish the whole thing. We got to see the beautiful sunrise and sunset and soak in the views.

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