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Hiking and Backpacking – How They Changed My Life

Over the past year couple years, we have made an effort to get outside and spend more time outdoors. During these trying times, it can be challenging to stay fit and take time to be outside due to our busy lives.

Being outdoors allow us to see the world differently, it make us appreciate as well as learn lesson from nature around us, and it makes our body stronger by being able to work major muscle groups. After spending this past few years hiking backpacking in the Colorado mountains, Colorado 14ers and getting out into the wilderness, we have learned some insights on what life lessons that backpacking & hiking can teach us and help make some aspects of our life better.


Hiking & Backpacking Makes You Stronger

One of the reasons we love hiking is that it gives us strength and endurance we wouldn't have otherwise had. Even if you're in good shape, you're going to get tired while hiking - especially on steep trails, higher elevation or with a heavy backpack. Besides, that "heavy” backpack is going to feel lighter when you're in good shape.

Hiking teaches you to push through your limits. It also helps you build up endurance for any physical activity you engage in regularly - whether that's biking, swimming, or just walking upstairs.


Hiking Gives You Perspective

One of the most incredible things about hiking and backpacking especially those fourteeners is that these activities allow you to see nature firsthand. You can't help but notice how everyone and everything in nature are interconnected. Plants grow from the ground and animals graze on them; rivers run through mountains and oceans provide nourishment; warm heat from the sun makes life comfortable on land.

Since becoming backpackers, the most significant change in our lives was that we learned so much about resilience and self-discipline. For years, we tried to enjoy outdoor activities with varying levels of success. We tried different outdoor activities but nothing shakes us up the way backpacking does.


Hiking Boosts Confidence and Encourages Independence

Hiking and backpacking have also made us much more confident in our ability to "go through it alone" if necessary and solve problems in life. We've been on several challenging situations and some near death experiences in the backcountry before and it made us appreciate life even more and deal with every day challenges with hope knowing we have confidence on someone we can trust.


Hiking Helps You Appreciate Nature and Little Details of Life More

They've also made us more aware of my environment and able to connect better with nature. Nature makes us connect with God in a special way. It's hard not to learn about God's character when you see what nature does. This probably comes with any type of hiking or backpacking but the isolation makes it especially noticeable. While there is no obligation to be overly protective of nature or anything like that other than what's best for us when we are outdoors, it's still a positive outlook that we can bring back into our daily lives.

Finally, hiking and backpacking have increased our appreciation of the simplicity of every aspect in my life. There is no need for overwhelming frills or problematic extras when you're on the outdoors – just you, your gear, nature and perhaps the person you are hiking with.

The benefits of hiking and backpacking are endless. Individual preferences may vary but you are sure to gain something from it. Hiking and backpacking let the everyday hustle and bustle fade away so that you can focus on something beyond yourself, your journey, and your surroundings. We would encourage everyone to embrace the natural state we were put on this Earth - to enjoy and go hiking beyond the crowds then maybe backpacking!
How did hiking and backpacking change your life?


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