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Hiking and Backpacking – How They Changed My Life

Over the past year couple years, we have made an effort to get outside and spend more time outdoors. During these trying times, it can be challenging to stay fit and take time to be outside due to our busy lives. Being outdoors allow us to see the world differently, it make us appreciate as well as learn lesson from nature around us, and it makes our body stronger by being able to work major muscle groups. After spending this past few years hiking backpacking in the Colorado mountains, Colorado 14ers and getting out into the wilderness, we have learned some insights on what life lessons that backpacking & hiking can teach us and help make some aspects of our...

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Quandary Peak: Colorado 14ers Must Know before you hike

If you are planning to hike Quandary Peak whether as your first fourteener or not, this straight to the point guide and tips will help you with a comprehensive information so you can successfully summit it.  Peak Details:  Rank: 13 Range: Tenmile Range Nearest Town: Breckenridge Elevation: 14,265' Route: East Ridge - Standard Route Elevation Gain: 3,450' Distance: 6.75 miles Difficulty: CLASS 1 Trailhead: Quandary Peak Trailhead - Effective July 30, 2021 - you need to reserve parking or take the free shuttle. You can find more detailed information here. There are other routes to the summit, some of which are for winter. You can find the other routes here. TIPS:  1. Grab your parking permit or plan your shuttle...

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Four Pass Loop - Maroon Snowmass Wilderness Backpacking - Colorado- MUST KNOW

Four Pass Loop - Colorado Location: Maroon - Snowmass Wilderness Area, Central Colorado Nearest Town - Aspen What is it? - It's a difficult loop trail near Aspen, Colorado and one of the most iconic backpacking destination in Colorado especially during Wildflower season. The whole trail passes thru " Four Passes" above 12,000 ft. thru alpine lakes and the popular Maroon Bells.  Four Pass Loop Distance - 28 Mile Loop ROUTES:  Clockwise: West Maroon Pass - Frigid Air Pass- Trail Rider Pass - Buckskin Pass  (recommended if you want a gradual ascent with your heavy backpack and if you are doing more than 2 day trip) Counterclockwise: Buckskin Pass - Trail Rider Pass - Frigid Air Pass - West Maroon Pass...

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